Reboot Your Home: Feel Good Flower Ideas

Aug 10, 2016

Decor, Home, Interiors, Lifestyle

Who doesn't smile when they see pretty flower arrangements or luscious indoor greenery? It's infectious. An instant way to inject oomph into your home, I'm forever searching for new flower ideas and ways to display floral and fauna in my house, and am inspired by arrangements spotted everywhere I go. ...

Simple Breton Tops Fashion Ed’s Love

Aug 08, 2016

Fashion, Style, Wardrobe

Ah, the humble Breton top. A style classic, wardrobe staple and perennial buy that just never gets old. Even when you have a stash of about thirty in your collection, there's always room for more. Like a good cup of tea or your fave pair of ...

Wardrobe Gadgets That Make Life A Whole Lot Easier

Feb 10, 2016


Being a longtime veteran in the fashion industry and starting out my career as a fashion assistant over a decade ago, I'm forever searching for shortcuts and hacks to make wardrobe-life that little bit easier. When I first worked for magazines, styling shopping features in studios ...

Iceland: Blue Lagoon, Golden Circle and Twisted Doughnuts

Dec 02, 2015


When you grow up on the water, as I did in a small town in Essex, appreciating the all-consuming freezing cold seaside mist becomes more than a little bit addictive. its good for the lungs and the soul. Now living in the suburbs of Surrey (nowhere near water) whenever I ...