Not my finest photographic moment…

But luckily they had in-house photographers too! See below image, much better than mine.

Sorry for my poor attempt at a photograph at Terry de Havilland’s Couture launch last night. I was being a little lazy sat taking it from a distance with a glass of fizz in hand so this really doesn’t do Terry’s new shoes justice! Thought it would be funny to post it anyway. So we all headed to Jalouse at Hanover Square for his new collection launch. These shoes are to die for, even more beautiful than his main line, like little mini fashion statues! There was a really nice buzz in the club too as ‘It’ disc spinners The Broken Hearts played The Rolling Stones so that kept me happy even if the previous DJ did play the Cheeky Girls song. Urgh! Plus they use an old fashioned cream telephone to mix with… So cute. Here is there Myspace page -
May I just say that Vitamin Water is everywhere at the moment. Every party, every launch, all over the paparazzi shots from Cannes. They must have one very big sponsorship budget indeed!