Jumpsuits, culottes, co-ords, kitten heels, pyjama tops and statement earrings – all key trends that aren’t showing any sign of going away and all things I’ve yet to try.

I’ve been avoiding all of the above for various reasons, from not being able to find a jumpsuit that flatters my middle, to hating the ‘wedding guest’ vibe of a lot of the chintzy co-ords out there.

With pyjama tops it’s the sheer pyjama-ness of them – can they really look smart? And with statement earrings, the fear of looking too Pat Butcher.

Kitten heels can either look super chic, or super frumpy so I’ve just avoided them all together.

Every time I’ve tried on a pair of culottes, I’ve simply felt like a big baby. Ditto, pinafore dresses.

Now for the challenge, to work all 6 into my wardrobe by the time the year is out. How hard can it be?

Here’s my first peek at what’s out there, stay tuned for posts of me tackling my way through the list.