I’ve been meaning to post this for such a long time now and with the remake of Fame hitting the cinema, I really couldn’t leave it any longer! Asos took a group of us journos to the Pineapple Studios in Covent Garden for the launch of Pineapple Originals, exclusively available at Asos. We took a dance class and met Pineapple mastermind Debbie Moore and honestly, I discovered so much that evening, was in total awe! Debbie and the Pineapple team were the first to invent the body (not Donna Karan!) and then the first to put popper studs into the crotch of them following moans from girls about how they’d go to the loo. Pineapple clothing launched when Debbie noticed the dance students were customising their dance clothes – cutting a scoop back into a leotard because it was too sweaty and so on. They pioneered stretch fabrics and the body-conscious trend and Debbie was the first women to take her company public on the London Stock Exchange. So impressive.

As for the new Pineapple Originals collection, pieces are stolen straight from the archive with leggings, track pants, off the shoulder tops, leopard print bodies and catsuits. Choose from 15 pieces, I’ve got the leopard body and the grey hooded dress… Ooo and some grey leg warmers, naturally!

I’m not going to name names as they’ll kill me but let’s just say ‘Team Dance’ covers a pretty wide array of UK fash mag editors!
The collection of jersey and denim.
Loved the water bottles with our name tags attached, the Asos girls think of everything!

Debbie Moore (above), founder of Pineapple Studios and archive shots (below).

£26 – £60 Pineapple Originals at Asos