Fashion Editor vowed not to blog, Tweet, Facebook update or such like during her annual summer holiday but what do you know it – she’s given in! Not just for any fashionable happening I’d like to add, but for New York Fashion Week. Once again the bi-annual catwalk shows have kicked off, with New York being the first style capital city to show its spring/summer 2011 collections. I just couldn’t wait until I’m back in the office on Monday to post this one I’m afraid.
This fabulous picture of a girl applying her lipstick, using her friend’s boot as a mirror caught my eye this morning. She’s just outside the Lincoln Center, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week’s new uptown home having relocated from Bryant Park where the catwalk shows have been held since 1993. How fabulous is this shot? Having just installed Thomson Reuters Picture Galleries on my BlackBerry, I’m now addicted to flicking through the latest sets first thing and this beauty popped up today. (Thanks to Reuters and photographer Kena Betancur for the photograph.)
On another note: how jealous is Fashion Editor that every other editor, buyer and fashionable sort were able to frequent Chanel’s London sample sale this morning? So what if I’ve got the coastal leafy green landscape and fresh sea breeze of this two week retreat, but that’s never going to trump Chanel now is it? *Sigh*