With my due date looming, it’s safe to say I’ve invested a fair amount of time researching what new goodies I really need for baby and myself. We’re talking hours and hours (any excuse to shop) of mum-to-be store mooching and laptop browsing. There’s so much to choose from in the way of pregnancy, maternity, birth and new mum buys, but the one thing I’ve really been putting off is the undertaking of my hospital bag. I don’t know whether it’s subconsciously avoiding the impending labour, the not wanting to acknowledge that my nine months of pregnancy is fast coming to an end, or just feeling totally overwhelmed by the idea of editing down items that essentially make up the most important luggage I’ve ever packed in my life!

My Birth Box Expectant Kit

All the to-do’s in the run up to birth means that packing THE BAG is just one of those niggling jobs you can quite easily keep putting off. There’s numerous lists out there, detailing what should go in it, but what I really wanted to know was which key pieces will I absolutely 100% need. My thought process was to begin by buying and packing the must-haves, then the rest can follow later, as and when I feel like tackling them. Baby steps, so to speak! The trigger that spurred me to finally bite the bullet and get cracking was when this box of joy arrived on my doorstep.

My Birth Box is crammed with all the products and birth essentials you’ll need in one (very pretty) package. A box housing a big chunk of the post-birth bits you’ll want to grab in the first hours after labour. Plus, there’s a few treats that can be enjoyed in those late stages of pregnancy too. Most importantly, they’re all for mum, which is what really gave me the warm fuzzy feeling inside when it arrived. I’ve spent so much time running around, prepping, focussing on baby, that I’ve pretty much forgotten to take care of myself the past few weeks. I could have cried when I opened this! A whole box of love, just for me!

What You’ll Get

Emma Jane nursing bra, big black briefs, maternity and breast pads, Lansinoh Lanolin nipple cream, Shea Mooti Mamas Everything Body Balm, Wax Lyrical lavender candle, toiletry bag with mini Temple Spa products for that first shower after birth, lavender massage oil, Arnica tablets, chocolate.

There are different boxes to choose from and you can even add your own bits and pieces once it arrives to really tailor and personalise it for the expectant mum. It’s a genius gift idea and really makes an impact on helping any pregnant lady. There’s also this really handy check list for packing your delivery bag, which you can use as a head start.

My Birth Box The Lucy Edit_

Having just had my baby shower, I would absolutely put this on my gift wish list, it feels very different and like I said, something quite touching for mum, as everything can be very focussed around baby during pregnancy!

My Birth Box The Lucy Edit_

Whether you’re a pregnant mamma yourself, family member, husband, boyfriend of friend looking for the perfect gift for the expectant lady in your life, you’ll get mega brownie points for this one!

I’ll be sharing my full guide to packing a hospital bag soon and for more pregnancy tips and tricks, check out Pregnancy Survival: What To Expect