Saturday I had a taste of the high life. Matalan took a group of press to Liverpool for the Grand National Races at Aintree and we flew there on a private jet.  Now this was my first private jet experience so you can imagine my excitement.  Obviously, now I want one! I just loved the leather interior, the squishy, spacious seats and the champagne breakfast.  It certainly beats a ready meal on Easy Jet!

Matalan’s involvement with the Grand National included a style search judged by Coleen Rooney, Nicky Hambleton Jones and Matalan’s Jeff Banks. Coleen championed Liverpool girls for making so much effort and said that she thought that Liverpool girls put ‘their own unique touch to an outfit.’ Her top tips for getting ready to go out? ‘Plan in advance. Plan all of the accessories, even how you are going to wear your hair.’ Sounds pretty sensible to me!
That’s me in the pink feather jacket. Quite the jet-setter.
A big thanks to Matalan for such an amazing trip!