I caught up with catwalk heavyweight Marc Jacobs at his recent launch for Diet Coke…

“There’s a great energy that pulses through London which I’m always drawn to, it’s very similar to New York in that way.”

“Kate Moss and I hit it off from the very beginning, she’s a brilliant person and has such great energy. Maybe we knew each other in another lifetime! She does as she pleases and doesn’t give a sh*t about what other people think. She’s true to herself – that’s something everyone should aspire to.”

“I do get scared before a show, it’s the not knowing whether people will like it, the uncertainty that gets you. When something sells well, or I see someone wear something I’ve made, I feel so proud. After a catwalk show I like to go out on a shopping spree to celebrate. I love to shop! Antique furniture, art and clothes are my passions.”

“Diet Coke’s an icon, and part of my culture. I jumped at the opportunity to design these bottles and star in the campaign. I love attention! The 80s bottle is all about big shouldered, very powerful, slightly androgynous women. The 90s was a big turning point in fashion for me, so I decided to do something glamorous with that bottle, hence the pink dress and hat. The noughties is more about now and represents the eclectic, eccentric ‘anything goes’ kind of attitude.”

“On the rare days I get time off, I like to go to the gym, visit galleries, look at art, go to the theatre. I like sitting at home watching a movie and have nice dinners with friends.”

Diet Coke and Marc Jacobs celebrate ’30 Years Of Sparkling Together’ with three limited-edition bottles and collectors’ cases, at Selfridges now.