Ebony & Ivory scarves have just hit and are top of every fashion editor’s spring/summer 2010 list. Designer Bianca Vaitl talks to
Fashion-Editor about her collection

Q: A blend of Palestinian, Tibetan and skull printed scarves, they are quite a mix! What made you do it?

A: There wasn’t a special idea about the different prints. I just wanted to create a really long scarf and thereby a new and individual scarf look.

Q: Each is beautifully decorated with lines of love poetry and quotations – such a fabulous concept. Where did the idea come from?

A: I select each quotation myself and the idea is that they give the wearer strength and individuality.

Q: Who wrote the poetry featured on the scarves?

A: I get them from a little book my mother once gave me as a gift.

Q: Do you have a favourite quote?

A: My favourite ones are:

‘Don’t dream your life, live your dreams!’
‘Veni, vedi, vici (I came, saw and won)’

Q: How should they be worn? What with?

A: You can be dressed casually and just wrap the scarf around your outfit for an upgrade.

Q: Mischa Barton is a fan and has worn one of your scarves. How did she find out about Ebony & Ivory?

A: My great agency Lainey Fashion in London made it possible. Her stylist visited the showroom and picked one out for her for a shoot she was doing for ASOS magazine. She loved it so much she asked to keep it! I think Mischa Barton is fab.

Q: Gisele Bundchen and Heidi Klum also wear Ebony & Ivory. Do they have favourite styles?

A: I’m so honoured and blessed that they both are wearing my scarves! They both have the long cotton scarf with skulls on. Heidi’s is personalised with her children’s names on, which I made especially for her.

Q: Tell us about White Raven, the team who makes them.

A: White Raven is a non-profit group that teaches job skills to the handicapped. By buying my scarves every customer directly supports a good social cause. It’s really important to me as I think every member of our society and entrepreneurs have a responsibility for the weaker ones within society.

Q: How have you found the journey so far?

A: I owe most of it to my family, my friends and my agencies; without them I would never have come so far. But it’s still a long way to go.

Q: Did you enjoy your modelling days?

A: It was a good experience but it was always clear to me that I would never model for the rest of my life. What I’m doing now makes me happier.

Q: Is there a memorable job from your modelling days? A big campaign or funny story?

A: My first job was a TV spot for Clearasil but I didn’t have any pimples. Actually the only thing I’m blessed with is a spot and acne free face.

Q: What advice would you give a young model starting out in the industry?

A: Think of doing something else!

Q: Which designers do you admire?

A: Balmain, Vera Wang, Valentino, Halston and of course Ebony & Ivory!

Q: What’s your personal style? What’s your uniform?

A: Jeans, t-shirt, heels and scarf

Q: What’s your golden fashion rule?

A: Never leave the house without a scarf!

Silk scarves, £328

Long cotton scarves, £250
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