The question I’m asked the most about maternity clothing collections is who does the best maternity leggings. Followed closely by who does the best maternity jeans. I put it down to one thing: when you’re pregnant, comfort is everything. There’s so many aches, pains and niggles to contend with like swollen ankles, lower back twinges and round ligament tearing, that when you are off duty, all that matters is feeling cosy and flexible in the softest, stretchiest pieces.

Figleaves and H&M are go-to’s for me when pregnant and I recently caught up with Figleaves Garment Technologist Victoria Shelton to get the low-down on all of their maternity loungewear. Asking advice from an expert who’s developed a maternity collection from scratch is invaluable and I wanted to share her years of wisdom as a fit specialist with you all. Find her tips below, plus the pieces I’m reaching for daily and all the best maternity leggings and loungewear items that have been staples throughout my first, second and now third trimesters.

Figleaves maternity loungewear collection was under development when I was pregnant with Hector, so I didn’t ever get to try it out. But this pregnancy it’s launched and I’ve recently been testing out the Over The Bump Leggings and Nursing Cami. Both kindly gifted to me by Figleaves, instantly I was drawn to the soft modal fabric, I mean, really soft. These are like second-skin garments. It also means that they’re great layering pieces. This soft blue cami is perfect underneath other tops for extra coverage when nursing, or alone to make things easy when in the house.

I’m going to pack mine for hospital when having the baby. Its easy drop down cups plus built-in support means I’ll be able to ditch uncomfortable nursing bras and use this instead for that first bit when it’s impossible to concentrate on anything else but feeding-around-the-clock and recovering. These are the kind of maternity pieces I take myself to bed in and am still wearing come the afternoon the next day! But with the benefit of looking a little more put-together than pyjamas. The cami’s also rather nifty for wearing now with bump due to the extra gathers that have been put in to allow for growth. I had to harvest colostrum pre-birth when pregnant with my first baby due to being diabetic and will have to again this pregnancy. It’s ideal for the hours spent in the evenings sat on the sofa trying to collect a few precious drops of golden nectar.

Best Maternity Leggings: Figleaves

There’s no doubt Figleaves Over The Bump Leggings fall into my Best Maternity Leggings round up. I love the fabric and generous bump-room that’s spacious enough to work from early pregnancy right through to full term. I’ll also be wearing these as lounge pants after birth, particularly for the important fourth trimester settling-in stage when I’m at home 90% of the time establishing a feeding routine and in full recharge mode. The fit is slightly looser and more relaxed than other maternity leggings I’ve gone for in the past, which offers a nice alternative to my skin tight options. These sit somewhere inbetween a jogger and a classic legging, without the sloppiness of a track pant.

Maternity Loungewear Advice: 5 Tips

Figleaves Garment Technologist Victoria Shelton’s Maternity Shopping Musts  

1. ‘Look for comfort. Soft cotton and elastane mix fabrics, that are breathable, easy to wear and allow for growing shapes are a priority.’

2. ‘A sleep bra is a good choice for some extra support at night, or an easy option to wear around the house. A cotton base is ideal so that it’s lightweight and breathable.’

3. ‘Choose styles that can have more than one use. Look for garments that can be worn while pregnant and post-birth so that you can get full use out of the piece.’

4. ‘If your breasts are very tender and the thought of wearing a bra is painful, look for a cami top with inbuilt support. Figleaves Nursing Cami Top features drop down cups for feeding (if required) and a great bust shelf support, to offer support to breasts without wearing a bra.’

5. ‘Buy your size. Our range has been designed and fitted with bump in mind so shop your current size and don’t size up until you would like a looser fit.’

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Best Maternity Leggings: H&M

My other go-to is H&M’s organic maternity legging. These are over the bump and more like a classic legging. I have them in three different sizes – from small to large – to wear during different stages of pregnancy. I’ve now hit the third trimester and have moved into the size large ones, which will hopefully see me through to November when baby arrives! My H&M mat leggings are on their second pregnancy, I haven’t re-bought any this pregnancy, proving they last. My only side note would be that they do wash out quickly, so if you’re going for the black, don’t expect them to stay jet black for long. Considering the wear and washing they get, this isn’t really a deal-breaker for me!

Best Maternity Leggings: Seraphine

I was also sent a maternity sports kit from Seraphine during my last pregnancy and I’m still using it this time around. I have Seraphine’s maternity sports bra, gym leggings and yoga top and the leggings in particular are firm favourites for going on power walks with Hector in the pram.

My other maternity loungewear haunts include Isabella Oliver for cosy, roomy knitwear and Topshop for bump-friendly jersey like their basic t-shirts and nursing tees.

Where do you shop for comfortable pregnancy and maternity clothes? Let me know in the comments below and if you’re looking to up the comfort factor even further, head over to my piece all about the Hero Pregnancy Pillow by bbhugme. It’s a game-changer!