My name is Lucy Wood and I am addicted to t-shirts.  Give me a worn-in tee and a pair of skinny jeans over a girly frock any day.  So when I spotted Audrina Partridge from cult US reality show The Hills wearing this Chanel-alike one, naturally I instantly had to have one.  (Also a Chanel addict and take my quilted bag everywhere.) A few Google’s later and I’d managed to discover that they are by an American brand called Wildfox but finding a stockist that shipped to the UK – now that was a challenge! I put said t-shirt to the back of my mind and swallowed the fact that I’d never be able to rock one with my American Apparel leggings…  Until now!  A recent press appointment with a leading e-tailer left me jumping with joy.  They have bought Wildfox for spring/summer 2009, meaning that there is now a UK stockist.  Whoop!  Unfortunately for you, I’m not going to divulge who that stockist is just yet (am writing a story about Wildfox for the magazine) but the moment I can share the news, I will.  So stay tuned – and get to the back of the queue!