There’s no denying Fashion Editor’s an accessories fiend. When she’s not adding a ring or three to her already colossal jewellery collection, she’s picking up new shoes, bags, hats, you name it.

So here’s a little peek at three of the best:

1: Chanel quilted lambskin handbag

Years of abuse and this baby is still looking (relatively) neat

2: Red hat, picked up in a random shop in Soho

It’s been to Bestival, to the seaside, on nights out in Essex and Hackney. And as of this weekend, to Nimes in France

3: Leopard pony skin crest-embellished Senso slippers

The first pair of slippers to grace Fashion Editor’s shoe collection. She’s more of a loafer girl you see. Strangely addictive though. Like a boyish ballet pump (and yep, just as comfy). These ones from Senso are bespoke – pick from loads of different finishes, pink leopard, silver glitter and so on and the toe crest is optional too. Buy them at Village Underground and