There was a definitive moment this season when I decided I absolutely had to have a new pair of white jeans. Somewhere between hitting the four months of breast feeding mark and relishing in the feeling that the postpartum bloat had (sort of) eased, I rather hastily threw open my denim drawer and began trying on all my old faves.

The slouchy MiH pair I’ve had since the brand first launched, the Gap patchwork ones that went cult one season, Topshop Jamie’s in every wash going and a grey pair designed by Georgia May Jagger that will forever remind me of the happiest press trip to Paris. Then, there they were. My white cropped, ever so slightly flared at the ankles J Brand’s from Trilogy.


The last time I wore them was on a plane back from Cape Verde and I love everything about them – white, stretchy, cropped, chic, statement, fabulous. But they wouldn’t go on. Convinced I’d dropped enough of the baby weight to fit into them I tried with all my might to hop, skip and jump into my Selena’s but nope, not happening. Gutted doesn’t come close, not so much about the not fitting into them bit, I mean, I did have a baby five months ago so a girl’s got to be realistic. But about the not having a pair of white jeans to wear. I had my heart set on wafting around town in clean white denim, some sort of bohemian, possibly embroidered top and Converse. That’s the moment when the hunt for the perfect white jeans started.

White Jeans: The Big Hunt

Still on the post-baby bod journey, I didn’t want to splash too much on a pair that might not fit so well in a few months time. First stop was Zara and Mango, the Spanish high street faves I thought would absolutely have the white delights I was looking for. Now, there’s some really great white jeans styles in those stores right now, but unless you’re six foot tall it doesn’t seem that anything works hemline-wise. I’m not even that short, coming in at a respectable 5’4″ but still, nothing worked.


Hero Buy: This black ruffle hem mesh top from H&M is a handy layering piece to own, and a steal at £9.99.

White Jeans: Finding The One

A stop into River Island to look at the shoes and kids clothes (both go-to items in River for me) and there they were. Sort of slouchy, sort of fitted, mid rise, boyfriend shaped, ripped in an easy way, not too rock, definitely the kind of rip that’s acceptable at night in a restaurant, EXACTLY what I had been looking for. What I really love about these too is the room for hem styling – cuffed up with shoes you want to show off, left down with a flat, they sit at a really nice height on the ankle.

White Jeans: Styling Them High-Lo

Anyone else a real champion of high-lo styling for evening? I’m not really a super glam dress kind of lady, unless it’s an awards do, or a swanky red carpet affair (I wish), or a wedding… a dress for evening for me needs to have a little bit of bohemian ease about it, and that’s why I gravitate to denim at night so much. Good jeans, great top, fancy accessories. Works every time.

Hero Buy: River Island’s white ripped Ashley boyfriend jeans sit somewhere nicely between dressy and casual.

Talking of great tops. Hello, starry beauty. So pretty and intricate and everything I love about the new wave of modern lace designs about at the mo. I’m a bit bored of finding new ways to wear lace and this graphic medley of bold stars totally updates a classic. The season’s obligatory statement sleeves are just the cherry on top.


Hero Buy: This white star lace bell sleeve top is a modern take on a classic.




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