Red quilted tote, £1500 vintage Chanel circa 1986 – 1988 at Amelie Boutique

Black tassel bucket bag, £1650 vintage Chanel circa 1989 – 1991 at Amelie Boutique

Continuing my Parisian theme, meet vintage Chanel beauty number one and vintage Chanel beauty number two. Both are sourced by a licensed vintage Chanel specialist which brings me swiftly onto my topic for this post – counterfeit goods.
Today Fashion Editor took a trip to Ventimiglia, northern Italy to visit the markets where I found fake Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Longchamp galore. I am guilty of purchasing Hermes-aike equestrian print scarves (at 10 Euro for 2 they were a steal) but I assure you there isn’t a scrap of Hermes branding on these goodies, I admire the iconic French label far too much to offend it by buying fake produce!
The trip jogged my memory about these classic vintage Chanel specimens available at Amelie Boutique. 100% genuine and simply divine. Takes the shine right off of those bargainous counterfeit imposters.