Some pieces remain major wardrobe players season in, season out, and classic striped shirts are well and truly cemented on that shortlist. Resistant of the changing trends, this easy to navigate, trusted item is as reliable as a good brew, and probably about as comforting in the mornings.  Simply pop on with your favourite jeans and you’ll instantly feel pulled together for the day ahead. Throw in a red lip or great necklace and you’ve got yourself something evening-worthy too. The striped shirt’s one of those buys you’ll gravitate to time and time again and no collection should be without one.

Lucy Felton Striped Shirt Cuffs


Striped Shirts: The Basics

When searching for your ultimate striped shirt buy, think about cut and fit. Sure a traditional button through, collared shape is a go-to, but don’t overlook the more statement, adventurous shapes that are out there either. This buttonless Warehouse shirt has knock-out contrasting cuffs that can be worn long for a directional look, or folded back for everyday. Or head to Asos for a slashed, open back that’s perfect for flashing a lacy bra and Mango for silhouette-enhancing obi style tie belts.

Note: if you haven’t noticed the amazing things going on over at Warehouse at the moment, check out my piece on the high street haunts latest collection. Under the new direction of British designer Emma Cook, things have had a serious shake up.

Striped Shirts: Going Boyish

Going up a size or two to create a loose, relaxed, boyish shape can look really cool. Try with jeans and a killer court, or add a belt to cinch the waist with a leather pencil skirt for the office. Roll sleeves to soften the oversized shape.

Striped Shirts: Blend Smart And Casual

The casual finish of pyjama stripes, particularly in blue and white works wonders with smarter pieces like a blazer, leather trousers, or a full prom skirt. The high low mix creates something quite glam but in an understated way. Like you’ve tried, but not too hard. Don’t forget to play around with buttoning right to the top and unbuttoning low.

Striped Shirts: Find The Perfect Stripe

Sure, it can be a bit of a minefield out there, what with a selection of bold, blue and white stripes, slightly greyish stripes, equal sized stripes, mixed sized stripes, patchwork stripes, pyjama stripes, pinstripes, chunky stripes… Knowing what to pick is simply down to what tickles your fancy the most. Something softer and slightly washed out is always going to look lighter and romantic, while a vivid stripe will tend to sway more towards the preppy, city boy stripe side of things. Just pick your fave and run with it.

Striped Shirts: Cuff Focus

Traditional button cuffs are great for versatility. They look sharp and on point freshly ironed and left down yet also offer a more off-duty spin when rolled back to unveil a great stack of bracelets. Many striped shirts have turn back sleeves with utility tabs and popper or button fastenings, great if you’re easily annoyed by unrolling sleeves throughout the day.

Striped Shirts: Layer Up

When it gets cooler recognise the striped shirts layering potential. A fine knit or cotton roll neck underneath a collarless style can look really chic (if it’s got a collar simple leave the first two buttons open). Pick minimalist white or grey as a go-to.