Suddenly everything feels ‘Autumn’ doesn’t it? Pumpkins stacked high, darker evenings and a chill in the air that’s refreshing yet not alarming. Definitely not necessary to dust off the coats just yet. It’s basically the perfect temperature for knitwear and strolls through the local park. Make your knit the trophy element of your outfit game and you’ll feel new season savvy, without the full blown commitment of having to embrace a specific AW17 trend.

I’m all for making cosy yarns my priority piece and am going to embrace these days of freedom before being bulked up in thick outerwear becomes the norm.

The vision is clear – I’m hunting out a great stash of oversized knitwear that can be thrown on with a selection of what-eye-bags bright lipsticks to form functional early morning power combos. Whether getting dressed in the dark to catch the early train or throwing on whatever comes to hand because baby is screaming for breakfast, it’s a pairing that goes a long way to making autumn dressing a total breeze.

Topshop Cardigan2

There’s an influx of killer cardigans hitting down, all as comfy as any good dressing gown. Zone in on patterns and block colours and always go for a roomy fit to make them juggle autumn walks/around the house batch cooking baby mush/head down at the desk/the middle of the night when getting up to use the bathroom and it’s FREEZING. When it comes to jumpers, hunt down those extra special details like knotted finishes, interesting textures and contrasting cuffs that take it from simple to stand out.

This one has a Marc Jacobs/Louis Vuitton jumbo leopard finish that’s pure catwalk nostalgia (remember when everyone wore the leopard graffiti scarves?) watch it drag you right out of any seasonal slump and make you feel, well, all together a whole lot more ‘autumn’.

Topshop cardigan3

Knits For All The Fall Feels

Comfort is king, now more so than ever when faced with sleepless nights, crammed days and the tussle of motherhood and working life. Plus, I just want things to be easy, whether that’s ordering my coffee in the morning without a thousand questions about which milk I’d like (I’m half asleep and have been dealing with a hyperactive baby since 6am, just the coffee, hot and however it comes thank you), getting the shopping delivered, writing to do lists or building a hardworking wardrobe.

topshop cardigan4

Topped with a Tiba and Marl backpack (practical changing bags with mum and baby utility at the core), throw bubs in the pram and go explore your local parks before all those crunchy, coppery, rusty leaves are turned to mulch. Hector loves all the colours and in my experience, a single burnt orange leaf can entertain them for way longer than any expensive building blocks or teething rings.

Topshop cardigan5

What makes you feel that autumn is finally here? Is it a favourite dish you cook, pumpkin spiced lattes, the wardrobe switchover? Let me know.

Tiba and Marl backpack2

Take a look inside my mama bag and see the products that make the daily cut, over here.

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