As if being pregnant wasn’t tough enough with all the change, worries and constant fatigue to contend with, suddenly developing stressed out mum-to-be skin when you’re feeling your most sensitive really isn’t a thing of joy. An influx of turbulent hormones means pregnancy skin care is a must. It’s totally normal for your skin to behave out of character during pregnancy, so an extra helping hand is exactly what’s needed.

Here I’m sharing a few easy skin-specific beauty hacks I’ve found really help to get me back on the road to feeling myself again. From stretch marks to dry skin and aching feet, there’s so many great products out there catering for expectant ladies. Whether you’re in the market for something quick and easy for everyday, totally indulgent or wonderfully natural, take your pick.

Pregnancy Skin Care: Bath and Body Bliss

Tiny Rituals, developed specifically for mama and baby includes a relaxing and caring bath oil, bath crystals and stretch mark tummy cream, perfect for some pampering. In typically beautiful Rituals packaging (heavy white bottles and bleached out wood effect tops), expect clean and nourishing scents like rice milk and sweet almond oil, all rich in natural and organic ingredients. For baby there’s hair and body wash, massage oil and body lotion, as well as the cutest elephant decorated organic cotton bath capes and wash gloves around. This collection’s a great fix for any baby shower gifts too.

Pregnancy Skin Care: Stretch Mark Magic

Ask any expectant mum what stretch mark lotion she’s using and she’ll most probably say Bio Oil. Now stretch marks are pretty much a done deal – it’s all in the genetics and you’ll either get them or you won’t – but that doesn’t mean we can’t do everything in our power to help them, right? So far I’ve not noticed any marks on my baby bump (fingers crossed) but with another four months to go, I’m not holding my breath and have been slathering on Bio Oil at every given opportunity. This magic formula includes vitamin A and E, lavender, calendula, rosemary and chamomile and has a pretty satisfying smell. Remember this iconic fix is an oil, so it’s best not to apply and then get dressed straight away. I nearly ruined a silk top doing this so massage in before bed or pop on a dressing gown as it sinks in to be on the safe side.

Pregnancy Skin Care: Leg and Foot Reliever

Swollen, achy ankles are another given symptom for pregnant ladies, you can blame all that extra weight you’re carrying around. If you’re anything like me this annoying body change will have kicked in right at the start of the second trimester, and I’m assured it only gets worse throughout pregnancy – eek! Luckily I’ve found a bit of respite in Burt’s Bees leg and foot cream (and a good pair of trainers!) A rich formula crammed with peppermint oil and rosemary leaf extract to condition weary legs and feet, rub in a little when you get in from a long day and top with your fave cosy socks – make them cashmere if you’re feeling particularly fancy. Check out the other Mama Bee products too, like the Shea Belly Butter and Vitamin E body oil.

Pregnancy Skin Care: Supreme Skin Serum

You kind of have to ride out an up and down complexion when you’re expecting and the pregnancy glow everyone speaks of generally makes a fleeting appearance. (Sorry!) One minute skin is really, really dry, the next, it’s oily and you’re breaking out like a teenager all over again. For me, the golden rule has been to keep my skin moisturised, even and particularly when I’m suffering with the oily phases – halting and depriving my skin from moisture application simply scares it into producing more oil. So I’ve added in an extra product to my regime – face serum. I was recently introduced to Mauli, a collection of natural handcrafted Ayurvedic products and blends combining sensual oils, healing herbs and fragrant flowers. Rich in anti-oxidents the Supreme Skin Face Serum is a gentle repairing solution of rose otto, jasmine and sandalwood in a base of rejuvenating moringa and argan – basically smells like every top spa I’ve ever walked into! Harmony and balance restored.

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