Obviously this leopard print coat is a statement. The print makes sure of that. But I’m here to convince you that welcoming leopard into the real world is absolutely a good idea. The days of Pat Butcher jesting and ‘but is it work appropriate?’ questioning are well and truly over. In fact, flashing a bit of leopard print in everyday life is probably the most tactical wardrobe move you’ll ever make, and here’s why.

Leopard Print Coat: It Will Always Perk You Up In The Mornings

There’s nothing ordinary, plain old safe, humdrum over here. Oh no, the awesomeness of the leopard print coat’s morning perk-o-meter is indeed limitless. Besides from turning every work uniform, tailored suit, live-in pair of trousers and dress-on-repeat into a super statement, you just try and put this on without triggering a beaming smile. Go on, dare you.

Leopard Print Coat: The Premier Fit and Flatterer

Oh hi there you neat little cut, you. Picking something with classic tailored lines like this splendid QVC option will ensure you’re rocking a coat with maximum flatter-appeal. Things can get all a bit too bulky in the winter, and chunky knitwear plus a chunky scarf and chunky coat can lead to chunky overload. Keep the outerwear steamlined, then go to town on the volume accessories for ultimate cosy. Caroline Gardner cashmere pink and red striped jumbo bobble hat, I’m looking at you.

Leopard Print Coat: Taking Seasonless To New Heights

With leopard, you can forget seasons. A lightweight, wool-blend coat will be your friend in the height of winter and the beginning of spring. Go for tonal like this grey on grey Centrigrade at QVC one to make yours stand out from the rest. Worn closed and wrapped across the front now, then left open over a midi dress and ankle boots in April. Snow storm and spring showers, we got you.

Leopard Print Coat: Injecting A Huge Dollop of Rock ‘n’ Roll Into Things

Think of leopard print coats and think of Kate Moss. Oozing that carefree, bohemian rock charm she does so well, Kate would totally wear this coat, she’d own it. Point is, leopard print has that way of cleverly injecting a bit of edge into things without the need for a full-blown shiny vinyl trouser or zip-through tartan skirt and that – when you’re pushing the pram down the high street – is pure magic.

So there you have it, a pretty solid case in favour of the leopard print, don’t you think? Go forth and leopard!

Shall we just take a sec to discuss the rest of the outfit though? You might remember my recent trip to see knitwear, silk and tailoring pros Winser London on Insta Stories, they’re a real unsung hero for building love-forever wardrobe items you’ll actually wear time and time again. Case in point, this ruffle jumper. Just right for this time of the year when trophy knitwear is our early morning go-to, this is exactly the thing to pep up all of my denim and boyish trousers. Just add a pair of Stan Smiths. You’ll also find it in black on site, and the merino wool finish is backed with a super soft lining to exceed comfort levels.

I found an unexpected hit in Caroline Gardners cashmere winter accessories. What a discovery from the household stationery brand, and outfit boosting in the red and pink stripe colour combo. While Jigsaw’s golden festive coin purse has taken pride of place in my handbag for ultimate Christmas goals. It’s got a giant gold chocolate coin inside and stars in my The Big Day Wish List by the way. Loads more giftable fun right over here in the gift guide.

Buckle Boots1

The triple buckle and studded boots are another great QVC find – seriously, you need to check out their fashion, beauty and home offering – and are working hard to toughen up all of my winter frocks and tops. If you’ve not got a buckle up boot flattie in your shoe-drobe yet, be sure to check them out.

Hunting down the wearable coat options to beat the freeze? Then you’ll want to take a look at this toasty aviator jacket too.