When you grow up on the water, as I did in a small town in Essex, appreciating the all-consuming freezing cold seaside mist becomes more than a little bit addictive. its good for the lungs and the soul. Now living in the suburbs of Surrey (nowhere near water) whenever I travel somewhere new, whether hot or cold, I simply gravitate to be near the water. In Iceland’s case, a lagoon.


Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa, Iceland

Iceland is an incredible place for scenery. Shopping, not so much. But exploring the rustic landscape, floating in the outdoor thermal spas, munching on local delicacies, absolutely.

Where to stay? I couldn’t recommend Icelandair Hotels Reykjavik Marina more. It’s very easy to hunker down with a good bottle or red and some magazines in the little snugs of the hotel’s ground floor. the bar is very welcoming too, and the main town centre only a stroll away.

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The ultimate Icelandic wardrobe.

Food. I’m all about the food! Trying the homemade ice cream, fresh from the farm at Efstidalur (can you spy those cows through the window?) is a must.  Ok, a rotating restaurant is a bit gimicky, but Perlan’s traditional Icelandic lobster soup makes any motion sickness worth while!

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At Kopar restaurant on the harbour, try The Holy Crab, a medley of rock crab soup, crab cake and crab salad. Admittedly, I’m a crab fiend (we have fresh dressed crab from the shell on Christmas day in my house) and this dish has persuaded me to try cooking with it more. Usually I take my crab with nothing more than vinegar and a little buttered brown bread, but this Kopar dish was sensational. Team Iceland. A huge thanks to these lovely ladies who made my Iceland experience so memorable. A extra special thank you to Yumi for making it all possible.

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