lucy woods blonde to brunette hair colour


Fashion-Editor took the ultimate plunge this week, a blonde to brunette hair transformation.

If you’re thinking of going brunette and are clueless on how to make your colour last, or are naturally brown and want to know how to make your colour look its best, here are a few simple tips from colour expert Marianne Hayes, advanced creative director at Aveda…

Invest In Your Products

“A great shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair is a must, especially as you are spending so much in the salon. Aveda has a bespoke colour range, targeted for specific shades. which use a strong pigment concentrate to really give your hue a boost. I used Clove (£24) on Lucy’s hair, which is amazing for brunettes. Not forgetting much needed nourishment – New Colour Conserve Daily Colour Protect (£17.50) is a great leave-in treatment for between salon visits that will not only give longevity to your colour, but also act as a moisture injection.”

Like Your Skin, Hair Needs Protecting From The Sun (And Not Only On Holiday!)

“‘If you’re out and about during the spring/summer months, then don’t forget to get protected from UV rays that will rapidly make your colour fade, Aveda’s Hair Veil (£19) acts as the perfect barrier whilst simultaneously providing nourishment.”

Get Conditioned

“Keeping your hair in optimum condition is also the secret behind maintaining a lustrous colour. Weekly treatments such as Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment (£21.50)is a must-have addition to your weekly regime that will ensure your tresses are constantly feeling loved and your colour shiny.”