This is the shot from the Daisy Knights apparel campaign that sums it all up. A bunch of like-minded creative ladies with the same purpose, sharing the same ideals, in the same room – or photo studio – totally supporting one another. One seriously good vibe.

Lucy Felton for Daisy Knights1

There’s not many people who could persuade me to get in front of the camera in a well lit studio just weeks after having my first baby, but one women who can – and did – is the ridiculously inspiring Daisy Knights. My pal and jewellery designer extraordinaire has just launched Daisy Knights apparel and when she asked me to join her and a group of talented, inspiring women to form the #daisyknightstribe fronting the campaign, I thought why the heck not?

Lucy Felton for Daisy Knights2

And in good company I was. Fellow blogger Ella aka Coco’s Tea Party, graphic artist Emma J Shipley, cashmere designer Rosie Sugden, crafter Christine Sew Yeah, artist Venetia Berry and more. All wonderfully brilliant in their own right, fun to be around and mega supportive of one another.

Hector was a dream, sleeping for five hours so I didn’t even need to stop to feed. Juggling engorged boobs and breast pads on a shoot is a new one but it gave me the confidence to embrace my new mum bod and made me feel totally empowered after going through a totally powerless birthing experience just weeks before. Thank you for having my back, as always, Daisy. You’re one creative powerhouse and amazing mum to Sylvie.

A love for raw denim, Vans, good candles and the ocean cements mine and Daisy’s friendship. You’ll catch us both rocking our mom jeans with a white tee and easy jumpers running errands during the week. Footwear is Vans, Birkenstocks and beat up Converse (decorated with Daisy’s lace dimes which you can just see on my trainers on the second lace hole here. They’re tiny gold sculls and I love them!) At the weekend’s you’re more likely to find us tinkering in our gardens, sitting by fires with good books, taking the kids out to the coast for long beach walks and chilling with our husbands than getting glammed up to go out to fancy bars. And that’s why a well thought out, considered wardrobe crammed with hard working basics is so important to us.

Lucy Felton for Daisy Knights5

Daisy’s debut Daisy Knights apparel clothing collection is all eco, think bamboo cotton relaxed tees and fluid hoodies with calligraphy slogans. Ever the champion for charity work, some of the proceeds of sales will go to Womenkind Worldwide. Obviously I dived straight for the black hoodie with shiny gold ‘Can’t touch this’ handwriting (and cacti). Daisy hand wrote each slogan herself, using her love of calligraphy to finely tune each message.

The relaxed boyfriend fit classic white shirt Ella wore is also on my hit list – there’s a cute gold pineapple on the back – I’d wear it open over a crop or tied at the bottom with high waist denim shorts.

Lucy Felton for Daisy Knights8

Find the Daisy Knights debut eco apparel collection over on now.

Lucy Felton for Daisy Knights6