When Fashion Editor got her iPhone 4, it took days of research to track down the most luxurious case around. Found in Aspinal of London’s purple leather mock croc, cream suede-lined pouch after a careful few weeks of wearing it in, letting said iPhone stretch it until it fitted like a glove, Fashion Editor only went and blooming lost it on a night out.
So to stumble across this half price replacement during a shopping trip this weekend was an absolute joy. There they were, an array of plush red, tan, black and grey leather ostrich-effect cases, all lined up beautifully amongst the Dents gloves and Radley handbags in Williams and Griffins department store. Better yet, each priced at just £20 (that’s less than half the price of the Aspinal one) and owning the same designer look means Fashion Editor gets her replacement on a budget. Result.
Of course my smugness rocketed later in the day when a young shop assistant asked me if my iPhone case was Mulberry. I boldly replied. ‘Yeah, I’ve had it ages.’ Who’s to know!