Image: CCKT

When Clothes Show London sent me a sample goodie bag this week, I was pleasantly surprised. Usually it’s crammed with make up brands I don’t recognise, a cheap tatty scarf I’d never wear and if you’re lucky, some chocolate. Not this time though. Out fell an amazing handmade feathered hair band by Goldie (, a delicate gold dove ‘love birds’ necklace by Kook Jewels ( and this AMAZING vest by New Young Artists at CCKT. Punky heart art work by artist Cecilia Bryne has been printed onto a cranberry jersey tank (I think it’s from American Apparel) and Fashion Editor is literally in love. The perfect colour, the perfect loose fit and the perfect statement design. They’ll be at Clothes Show London, 25 – 27 June and you can learn more about Cecilia Bryne at her blog Acres and Gold.