If you haven’t yet noticed the rumblings at Warehouse this autumn season, it’s time to hotfoot it to your local store. With a brand new feel, cool direction and total revamp spearheaded by British designer Emma Cook, this is one high street haunt you’ll want to keep a close eye on.

A firm favourite on the high street circuit, sure Warehouse has always been on our radars for key leather pieces, neat knitwear and the odd hero frock, but you cant help but feel that it’s sort of lost its way a little bit over the past few years. Well that’s all changed with a fashionable duo at the helm made up of Alasdhair Willis and Emma Cook.

Alasdhair is the Creative Director or Hunter and none other than Stella McCartney’s husband while Emma Cook’s signature style and design aesthetic is instantly recognisable. Emma launched her own-label in 2000 and it soon gained a cult following. Later, Topshop collaborations followed rocketing the designer into the mainstream limelight. Surely everyone remembers those sell out Emma Cook for Topshop chunky brothel creeper boots complete with crepe soles, chains and tassel laces? (Google them if you don’t!) You couldn’t get your hands on a pair for love nor money and they soon appeared on eBay selling at triple the price. I still think about those ‘could have been mine’ boots.

It’s safe to say Emma’s injecting that same want-factor into the new Warehouse autumn 2016 collection. A line that ‘takes the urban as its palette, designing clothes for the modern women who truly lives the city’, expect bespoke prints, layering textures and contemporary silhouettes galore.

So, what should you be snapping up from the new Warehouse then? Well, it’s safe to say you can’t go far wrong with the selection of silk dresses currently gracing the rails. The daisy print column maxi cut (above) is as light as a feather yet packs a punch. Great with trainers and a backpack for this inbetween seasons climate, and imagine its potential with a faux fur vintage style coat on top for winter parties. Same goes for the romantic ink rose midi dress (below).

The knitwear is definitely work a look too, with ruffles and great shapes overhauling the staple separate and you’ll be mad to miss out on the directional bags. Another bonus find is the jewellery, a lot of which is well-priced gold plated or semi-precious so be sure to check the label.

Meanwhile Emma, if you do read this, PLEASE bring back the brothel boots. I’ll be keeping an eye on the Warehouse shoe shelves for a 2016 incarnation.


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