One of the first things on my to-do list when I found out I was pregnant was to find the best maternity jeans out there. Amongst the midwife appointments, negotiating maternity bras and clearing the supermarket shelves of every baby and parenting magazine on sale, getting my denim wardrobe sorted was right up there on the high priority list. It’s something you rely on daily, and I just couldn’t be without mine.

As a fashion journalist, I take my denim seriously, and have amassed a pretty gigantic collection over my 12 years working for magazines. It’s always been my rule as an editor to road-test every pair or jeans I write about. Even if they are made by an advertiser, I would refuse to write about a pair of jeans that I hadn’t tried on and worn for a couple of days. Jeans need to be put through the paces before you can give a real opinion – from how many jumping jacks it takes to get them on, to the stretch test and checking the knees don’t go baggy after five minutes. Most importantly, the first wash is always the deal-breaker, and completely necessary before you can really give an honest opinion about a pair.



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It’s also worth mentioning that splashing big bucks on jeans doesn’t necessarily equal the best. I’ve spent £300 on jeans, and £15 on jeans, with both ends of the scale offering their denim pro’s and con’s. From my experience, high price tags don’t always mean high quality.




So here I’m giving you my honest run down of the best maternity jean buys I’ve discovered so far during my pregnancy. The ones that have taken me from mini-bump to maxi-bump, catering for all the varied stages and body changes that are part and parcel with the nine month stretch. I’m pretty much a loyal over bump fan, and love the support those styles provide my middle – but don’t rule out under bump if you’re sensitive to any pressure at all on your tummy.





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Seraphine Best Maternity Jeans

Seraphine maternity jeans have been designed and developed by a specialist mum-be-be label, meaning they’ve been put through some serious bump-testing. Make Seraphine your first port of call for the best skinny maternity jeans in over and under the bump models, and washes ranging from white to indigo and black. My top pick’s are the Premium Indigo Over Bump and the Remy Black Skinny Jeans.

H&M Best Maternity Jeans

H&M maternity jeans are great for a low cost quick fix. Their Mama skinny styles are just £29.99 and I found them particularly good at the early stages of pregnancy as they’re super soft and comfy – a big plus when you’re suffering with morning sickness and anything tight and restricting is a no no. Don’t be alarmed if you have to go up a few sizes in these, they do tend to be on the small side.

Topshop Best Maternity Jeans

Topshop maternity jeans are probably the first everyone will recommend when you start swapping notes with other mums. The styles to know about are the Jamie and the Leigh. Both skinny styles, the Jamie has less stretch than the Leigh, and both come in mid-rise and over the bump options, depending on the season and what’s in stock. Personally I love the Topshop Leigh maternity jeans for all round over bump satisfaction! The soft stretch means they don’t fall down (as much) as others – all maternity jeans will fall down throughout the day I’m afraid. But I have friends who rave about the Jamie’s too, and they’re my go-to when not pregnant, so it really does depend on your body shape. You’ll always be able to find a ripped-knee maternity jean at Topshop too.

New Look Best Maternity Jeans

New Look maternity jeans are another great value option, but it’s really their jeggings I want to rave about here. Now, I’ve never been much of a jeggings advocate – until I fell pregnant that is – and then suddenly comfort was pretty much paramount, and that’s where these really come into their own.

Asos Best Maternity Jeans

Asos maternity jeans offering is probably the most trend-driven you’ll find. From girlfriend to Mom shapes, alongside classics like straight and skinny legs, it’s well worth ordering a batch of these online to enjoy a try on session in the comfort of your own home. No doubt you’ll end up keeping at least one pair!