I’m on a quest to revive my tired mum skin, one Botanics complexion-helper at a time. Sleep is dominating my being right now people. Not so much my own sleep, (I’m not getting much, that’s a new mum given), but my son Hector’s. He’s gone from sleeping on demand to having a strict sleep routine. Sleep training. More on that another time but essentially all the upheaval hasn’t been great for my skin. That glow that takes hold towards the end of pregnancy has well and truly disappeared. I do miss the complements, just a little bit, (ok, a lot!) and the aim right now is to find every beauty hero going that can be slapped on – usually one-handed at 7am when he has his first feed – with a promise to hydrate, quench, illuminate, lift and transform to the max.

Botanics: The Ones To Combat Tired Skin

I explained to Botanics in-house skin expert Chris that I needed to combat a severe lack of sleep and general wellness (ever the dramatic one) via products that are easy to get a quick-fix from and that I can literally just pile on. Before Hector moved into his own room recently his head was right by my beauty drawer, so when I crept into bed at night, lights off and determined to grab the first product to hand for fear of disturbing his Snuzpod slumber, I needed easy and instant one-step, extra-potent product wonders that could be applied in the dark. Same goes for the morning – no-time-to-faff wonder products, please.

A no-sleep busting squad was prescribed – All Bright (with Hibiscus) Illuminating Radiance Balm, Radiance Concentrate Serum and Refreshing Eye Roll-On. Plus the Hydration Burst (with Clary Sage) Hydrating Day Lotion SPF 15.

Lucy Felton Botanics4

Botanics: Why They Made The Cut

Let’s start with the All Bright range which is powered by Hibiscus for cell renewal and radiance. Well, brightness, who doesn’t want a big fat helping of that, hey? The Concentrate Serum is so light and delicious, it literally seeps into the skin. Plus, it feels really silky and decadent which is a nice pick-me-up in the morning when a highly energetic baby demands all of your attention. 2-3 drops after cleansing, twice a day, and job done. The Recovering Eye Roll On has become a bit of a comfort blanket too, applied in the car when baby has dropped off to sleep, or straight from the fridge with a really strong coffee. Now that’s a pretty magic combo. Very cooling, instant relief for puffy mum-eyes. Tick, tick.

Lucy Felton Botanics3

The All Bright Balm is a little dreamy illuminating ninja – with a pinky pearlescent sheen – it’s something I’d definitely apply without a mirror when time poor and needing instant results. It can be used alone for glow or under make up as a primer. It’s not going to give the same level of coverage as a full-on pigment primer but what it is pro at is being one of those throw-in-the-handbag, keep reapplying throughout the day glow-givers. Or something I’d wear when on a sun bed poolside for hydration, or with my gym kit when I don’t want to look like I’m caked in make up. It’s ideal.

botanics the plant one kate bones

Ok so you’re probably wondering what the heck I’m doing here holding a giant plant, giving it some peace-out sass. Well, the talented GIF artist and photographer Kate Bones persuaded me to strike a pose with some Clary Sage and when Kate Bones tells you to do something, you do so without giving it a second thought. #GIFLYFE

Lucy Felton Botanics2

Botanics: The Power Of Plants

Finally, the Hydration Burst (with Clary Sage) Day Lotion SPF 15. Targeting dry, dehydrated skin but without that thick, heavy texture often associated with highly moisturising products. Perfect for my sometimes sensitive skin and again, light enough to layer throughout the day, a new skin ritual I’ve developed since having Hector. Doing a little two min skin massage with whatever products are to-hand while the kettle boils and he’s occupied with his tummy time roller/CBeebies/crackle book is my new facial, you see.

Only going to buy one? I’d go for the eye roller every time.