It started with a few munchkin pumpkins, those miniature pumpkins being sold in the supermarkets for Halloween, snapping up a handful I could pile up on the table for a seasonal decor fix. Then came the glass vase filled with pinecones pilfered on our walks. Seasonal, yes, but not quite the drama I really craved to tick off the end of October festivities. Then I stumbled across this fantastic idea on Glitter Guide, with the wonderful Baba Souk sharing an easy fall pumpkin DIY how-to.

Floral Pumpkin 1

These grand pumpkin floral displays work well in the porch, in the hallway or on the dining table and be sure to try placing yours at eye level as well as on the floor, they look great clustered together with a couple of munchkin pumpkins.

Floral Pumpkin 2

What You’ll Need

A pair of floristry scissors, clippers or secateurs for raiding the garden.

Big bunch of whatever you have in the garden that looks seasonal. I’ve gone for fern, pampas grass, teasel, plus a mixture of berries and foliage. You also be able to get a great selection of autumn colours at your local florist.

Medium sized pumpkin, as I’ve used here. Or, go smaller or larger and adjust the amount of flowers/stems.

Small plastic container from the recycling to use as a water catcher inside. I used a mango chutney pot from a takeaway!

Knife to cut out a cylindrical shape to house the flowers.

Floral Pumpkin 3


Start by marking out a circle as a guide on the top of your pumpkin with a pen.

Carefully cut around the circle, remove the excess pumpkin.

Scoop out the seeds and flesh. Push the plastic pot into the inside of the pumpkin, making sure it’s level and able to hold water. Fill with water.

Arrange your flowers and insert them into the hole, pushing down until the tips reach the plastic pot with water.

You’re done!

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